Cue The Virtue Signalers!

Let’s be real for a second, painful but real. Jumping on the social media virtue signal bandwagon doesn’t do a damn thing except... feed your ego and emotions. Social media movements are great tools for college educated suburban whites in Kansas (or any other white place)! What better way to proclaim my total non racism but not actually have to do a damn thing?!

Again a great example of foregoing the tough, real work of self analysis and inner appraisal. A great way to bypass the real problem of “How can I do better?” jumping on the virtue train makes not facing the real issues feel so much better! Particularly if it demonizes OTHERS while simultaneously putting us on the side of GOOD. This does nothing but feed the ego. The ego is your real enemy, not some evil doer far removed from your world of sterile whiteness. Face that in the mirror first and work on that before you proclaim to be changing the world.

Virtue signaling is not only done with social media, we all know those folks who buy the new elect/hybrid Green car every few years instead of maintaining a car for 10 years, pull up in a Prius or very expensive Tesla and proclaim I am helping clean the environment! Or in my profession its the wildlife rehabbers who devote large amounts of time and money to rehabilitate a road injured possum or bat, when the logical protocol would be to humanely euthanize the animal and devote that equal effort to bettering habitat for the overall wildlife population. The key commonality within all forms of virtue signaling is a need to feed the ego and our emotions. Not to face the tough of work of what really would help. Its an excuse, a quick fix, and a false movement. The next social media movement will start up in a few weeks and this one will be mostly forgotten like the last half dozen or so in 2019. And most will be none the better for it. Mainly because they diverted their focus away from where the true responsibility lies and took the easy way out.

I am not free from this human condition and am certainly carrying around a huge Steve Barlow ego. But I am aware and I pledge to fight that bastard to my last dying breath! When I realized he was leading me on social media I vowed to cut my social media use. What decisions can I make today like that? How can I be better? When I work on myself and face that ego head on I do the most to change the world. Do the hard work! Have a great day!

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