Covid Gratitude!

Lately I have caught myself complaining of how our world has changed since the onset of Covid19. I even catch myself thinking of "BC times"... Before Covid! Of course it's not just covid but also an election year!

I am praying the changes brought on in 2020 are not permanent but I have been absolutely flabbergasted with how far this has gone... I predict it will all end or conversely we will fall into complete anarchy on November 4th!

However since I have done an awful lot of internal complaining dialogue over this mess... I have begun to discipline those thoughts into all the GOOD that has come into my life with these crazy circumstances. I have been working on a COVID TIMES GRATITUDE LIST!

This list contains many of the good things that have happened and/or I have accomplished since March1st 2020! I plan to keep adding items to this list daily until it all is over on Nov 4th!

What good has happened for you since the onset of the covid craziness??? Here is what I have come up with so far!

Took Sophia and 2 of her friends on a Florida expedition

Took both Sophia and Seth hunting

Traveled to/through 14 states

Deleted personal facebook, instagram and twitter accounts

Strictly curated google app feed to reduce politics, covid and negative news

Created my own personal web page with multiple functionalities

Took Seth and his friend high altitude camping/hiking in CO

Started blogging… 67 blog entries completed

Started Vlogging… 26 vlogs completed

Planted two UF patented orange trees at Fl residence (Sugar Belle)

Planted key lime tree at FL residence

Added FAA drone pilot to commercial airplane pilot certificate

Completed phase 2 addition on Florida residence

Improved unassisted pull ups from 6 to 9

Improved push-up count from 15 to 25 reps during HIIT intervals

Added 25# kettle bell routine to exercise regimen

Enrolled in Python course just to say I can

Completed numerous courses on Skillshare

Developed 2 new products for LLC, to include patent pending, manufacturing, marketing and fulfillment.

Got a minimum of 30 minutes sun exposure daily

Ate only whole foods