Covid Cured!

Did ya'll see the headlines? Since I don't read or watch traditional media I have not seen them, so I am assuming everyone is celebrating the great news that a sure fire cure for Covid 19 has been found! I bet every news outlet and organization is celebrating this tremendous benefit to humanity and all the lives to be saved today! What a great day! The stock market is probably exploding!

Wait. What? What do you mean "you have not heard Covid 19 was cured?". You're kidding right? This came out in front of sworn congressional testimony days ago! What? And here is the best part- the cure is basically free... and it is ubiquitous. The curing agent is lying around in every barn on every farm in the USA with mammalian livestock. It is cheap as dirt and has been FDA approved for decades. In fact it won the NOBEL PRIZE long ago for the many human lives it has saved. One dose not only will cure Covid but it will provide protection to anyone against a future infection...for months! You can get it at Tractor Supply! IVERMECTIN

Wait! Did I say the forbidden word? CHEAP. So no money to be made??? There is the death nail to this cure right there. Our "health" system is not about cheap or curing.... its about maintaining a state of sickness as long as possible for a maximum profit. Plain and simple. This system stopped being about true health and cures at least 100 years ago.

So let's just ignore this quack and his Ivermectin... let's build ventilators, wear masks and develop vaccines. And lets continue to live like total gluttons on carbs, coke and processed foods. Now excuse me while I go out to the barn to find that Ivermectin....

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