Cognitive Distortions

One of the greatest advances in psychological therapy has been cognitive behavioral therapy or simply CBT. It is really nothing new... and to be pithy it is basically the practice of identifying unhelpful/untrue thoughts and facing them. An advanced student of this technique can quickly identify these erroneous assumptions and thoughts then quickly squash them, before they grow out of control. Through time, practice and successful use entire thinking patterns change... then everything changes.

It is basically facing your fears/emotionally charged thinking and questioning them with "reality". Of course not only fears but any extreme feelings... extreme joy, depression etc. Most of the time we tend to sway towards the dramatic. We are also prone to lean in to the negative too. In our evolution preparing for the worst possible scenario has undoubtedly saved our skin more than once! If you think about how the saber tooth tiger might sneak into your camp prior to it actually happening you can prepare appropriately. This is the appropriate use of that tool.

Problem today is most of us have no saber tooth tigers looming at our camp. We have no real outlet for a way of thinking which has dominated our time for most of our existence on earth. Preparing for wolves, tigers, and angry neighbor tribes was a great use of our time.... just a 100 years ago or so. That is how we are programmed.

Today the more secure your life is... good income, good family, security at home, etc.. the more likely one is to become neurotic about things made up in the brain! In other words if no real dangers exist our brains are stuck in the original program and must manufacture some form of saber tooth tigers! These pretend saber tooth tigers are called COGNITIVE DISTORTIONS.

Here in the USA we have seen a dramatic decrease in violent crime (even all crime) from the mid 1990's through today. Unfortunately despite the huge decrease in actual crime we are seeing an increase in anxiety of crime. A cognitive distortion.

Here in the USA we have made tremendous strides to provide for equality regardless of race, creed, sexual orientation etc. The advances since the 1960's have been remarkable. Unfortunately despite these great advances we now drill down on football cheers, syrup bottle designs, and virtue signal nonstop. Everyone wants to find an atrocity and become their own Rosa Parks. What they are mostly finding are cognitive distortions.

Here in the USA egregious things do happen. Not every event is a psychological distortion some are really awful. But the overreaction to them can be worse than the actual event. Thinking that white cops are out hunting down black people is an overreaction. Defunding the police is an overreaction. Creating autonomous, no police zones is an overreaction. All of this leads to more people getting killed. This is cognitive distortion.

Here in the USA for the most part we took rather decisive action against the spread of Covid 19 and prevented the overrun of hospitals. We did this with very little information to guide us and mostly fear as our guide. But...What if we would have taken a more courageous CBT guided approach? Where instead of holing up inside we asked everyone to get outside in the sunlight, eat whole foods and lose weight. In two months a person can heal a lot and even reverse things like type 2 diabetes. Type 2D is a common comorbidity to Covid 19. And by getting outdoors the Vit D levels of our populace would have likely made significant gains in 2 months. Where potentially could our population be right now? People say "If you care for others you wear a mask". I say "If you care for others then exercise, get outside, stop eating shit food, don't smoke or drink, and get sleep.. no mask can help others as good as being healthy".

Cognitive distortions (CD) are the fuel of social media and TV news. Its the click bait. Always ask the most important question first IS THIS REAL? Learn to spot these quickly. Anything with an emotional statement is very likely a CD...conversely anything loaded with statistics and multi-variate linear regression graphs- likely not! Anything involving politics from either the right or left is almost guaranteed to be replete with CDs. Avoid media and politics as much as possible! Only a true master can watch cnn or foxnews without falling for this nonsense. Black men are not being hunted down and no one is coming to take your guns.

After you asked the question IS THIS REAL? The next question "Will this kill me or others?" So basically "what is the worse that could happen?" and 'How likely is this really?". With Covid its really 99% likely not to kill the majority of people. But all we want to talk about is that other portion. We talk about "new cases" but not "newly healed" cases! Where should your mind be in this? It should be focused on the 99% and taking care of yourself... that is reality.

I want to be a CD Hunter! Identify the CDs and kill them! I train everyday... no days off for me in my training! Tune your CD detection skills... there are plenty of opportunities when you hear things like this-

  1. Blacks....

  2. Disease...

  3. Shootings...

  4. Police...

  5. Christopher Columbus...

  6. Any old statue...

  7. Privileged whites...

As you train your mind also work on making your body a strong defense to any disease! Not for you but for others! Work on your CD killing skills outside... with a kettle bell in hand! Only eat food from the following packages- skin, hide, feathers, peels, rinds, scales. Do not smoke or drink and shoot for 7-8 hours of sleep. Stay away from media and negative fearful people. When you are around them they will start to sound like an alien species to you! And the media will start to look like Ringling Brothers 3 ring circus events.

I am starting my own personal CD Army! I have not reached the Special Forces level yet but I am working towards that everyday! What are your Cognitive Distortions? Join me in my CD Army! Not for yourself but for others and your country!

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