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Updated: Jul 8, 2020

Many of you have asked how my Keto/carnivore eating might affect my basic lab numbers from a doctor's visit. Well you are in luck! I had my metabolic panel taken last week and today I will share those numbers with you.

DISCLAIMER: I should probably do a disclaimer before every blog! #1 if you do not like what I say... be an adult... immature behavior is why I left social media!!! For today's blog understand I AM NOT A DOCTOR. I am merely sharing my experience and personal perspective which is purely anecdotal. This should not substitute for what you do with your doctor or the advice of a doctor! Don't be a dumbass.

So lets jump right in. I won't bore you with all the numbers from my labs. Your doctor may call for different tests based on your meds, age, sex and other conditions. What I will share is the ones on my panel most related to my Keto/Carnivore lifestyle. I will contrast 2020 results to my last tests in 2017 when I was deep into the standard American diet!

Labs for 50 year old male......

Glucose- 2020 results 105 mg/dl.......... 2017 results 98 mg/dl (below 109 is what we want)

HA1C- 2020 results 5.6%......... 2017 results (not tested) 5.6% is top of GOOD range

Cholesterol- 2020 results 256 mg/dl.... 2017 results 203 mg/dl (low total chol is more my concern)

HDL- 2020 results 58.8 mg/dl..... 2017 results 48.0 mg/dl VERY PLEASED!

Triglycerides- 2020 results 77 mg/dl......... 2017 results 118 mg/dl VERY PLEASED!

Some important ratios-

LDL to HDL 3.1

Triglycerides to HDL 1.3

Overall I am very pleased with these results. I wish I could contrast my HA1C with 2017 but it was not tested. I theorize it was likely higher and I was pre-diabetic then... mainly because after about 6 weeks Keto I felt like a completely new person! Very pleased with higher total Cholesterol and higher HDL! If cholesterol scares you and your doctor I encourage you both to dive into research from the year 2000-today. Most people don't even know what cholesterol is... it is absolutely essential! Cholesterol is not evil. Purdue-Pharma is! Very pleased with my triglyceride level showing almost a 50% reduction from when I was on the standard American diet!!!

Remember these labs are nothing more than a snapshot in time...for the most part. This is not the hill you should die on! But certainly it is a piece to the puzzle for overall good health. Use it as motivation not a death sentence. For me I will continue to crank down on total carbs, especially processed carbs... and will hope to keep that HA1C in range.

I will drop a couple of references below if you want to read more about some this... Remember my experiences are mine. I started the Keto/carnivore lifestyle to reduce inflammation NOT TO LOSE WEIGHT. I suffered a lifetime of arthritis and keto reversed this, at least on a pain management perspective within 3 months! Also if you want to learn more I encourage you to spend some time at Dr. Ken Berry's youtube channel... he has literally hundreds of free videos.

For me my labs show direct results of a high fat low carb lifestyle. Keto-carnivore ON!

Today's acompanying Vlog was too large for my website so here is the link to watch it on my youtube channel!

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