Breaking free from the matrix

Day 2 of my attempt to escape the facebook matrix! Many of my friends have ask why I am leaving fb, others have sent the new "care" emoticon or of course the "sad" one, making it more difficult for me to go forward! So let me explain this a bit.

A few days ago I awoke to see a message from fb where they reprimanded me for sharing a post made by a licensed MD on fb. The post described the potential role Vit D could play in COVID as a study noted low vit D levels in COVID deaths. The MD cautioned it could be merely correlation but suggested it as something which needs closer scrutiny and in the meantime it might not be an idea to be outside and get some sun everyday! He never said Vit D was a potential cure for COVID. Regardless fb said this violated their "community standards" as it was not supported by the World Health Organization! And further cautioned me against sharing stuff like that again!

Now thats bad enough to really piss me off... as a red blooded American! But it gets worse. Not 10 mins later after reading this crapp I get another fb alert, this was to tell me that I had been tagged by a page. Upon opening the alert I found a "teen porn" page had tagged me (along with a half million other folks). I could not remove the tag! I also could not block the porn page! I suppose this was all good to go by the fb team. 12 hours later I created this website, where I will store my memories for the future!

I have a ton of history on fb and have already started the lengthy download process to move all my media to an external drive. Any work I do to create and share media will now be focused here on my own website... and any ads or revenue generated will be here... not to fund or fuel the fb machine in San Francisco. I refuse to fuel, support, or provide media for that entity anymore. I take full responsibility for my online presence and that means I provide it, not someone else with very different values.

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