***REMINDER- This blog is my personal writing, not representative of any religion, organization, political party or company. Just Steve a registered Independent, who is not trying to build a "following" or anything beyond journal his own prose.***

If like me you arrived into 2020 to find yourself living in opposite world then you are going to relate well to this post! Most of my life I have considered myself a pretty solid dude. I am certainly not perfect and I accept my flaws but overall I am empathetic, hard working, dedicated to my values, honest, somewhat educated, somewhat physically fit, trying to do good and not out to only live for $. Just like millions of Americans I am merely trying to keep what I have and am happy with the little things in life like time with my kids, being outdoors, a good cup of coffee and an occasional high end bourbon.

But I have realized now in 2020 I am the anathema to what the world wants! Certainly a natural process of aging in society and I am in no different of a place than our ancestors were when they hit their 50's. So first let me give a true and concise definition of the word ANATHEMA.

Anathema- (A-na-theme-u) a thing or idea which you hate because it is the opposite of what you believe.

That accurately describes me in 2020! I am the grinch of Whoville and proudly accept my position! Ostracized to my lair because my values are their anathema. Let's start with a really divisive value I have embedded deeply in my psyche- equality. I have this apparently racist and misogynist view wherein all people are born equal but have no guarantee of equal outcomes. I don't believe in judging or providing preference to anyone based on skin color or any other variable beyond their control including sexual preference... In my very first conversation with anyone new I meet... I am digging to learn their inner character, blind to their outside condition as much as humanely possible- at least as much as reasonable. My view on equality, race and gender could best be summed up this way. “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.” Martin Luther King Jr.

In 2020 a presidential candidate expressly provided a requirement for qualifying a running mate as- must be a "person of color". And I am the racist? As president elect he stated his cabinet would be reflective of the American people... Reflective again based on the color of their skin... not their character. What the eye can see. Let's step over into opposite land for just a second and look at this...ridiculous as it may be. First if we chose a cabinet based on skin colors in the USA here is what it would roughly be composed of - White= 73%, Black=12.7% and around Hispanic=15%. So dumbass your cabinet (let's say its 10 people) would be 7 whites, 1 black and maybe two latinos. Now of course this is just me...evil, racist, mr. grinch writing so I left out much... there are multiple measures of intersectionality and other races I didn't even mention here. But my point.... in opposite world-no measure of content of character! That one comment makes ME THE RACIST. I am the anathema!

As an anathema I am no longer welcomed on social media. Nor the local leftist coffee shop for that matter, but that is a story for another blog. Therefore I dumped my social media accounts containing over a decade of precious memories with my friends and family. Of course I backed up the media files to an external drive... but otherwise completely shut them down. As an anathema my values are opposite of the values within the social media kingdom...AND IN THAT I CANNOT ABIDE. My views and comments are DANGEROUS! However as with any tool social media does have some practical use... such as local marketplace access and groups... so reluctantly I signed up Sandy the dog. I have not told Sandy about this and I am sure it would be against her values as well.... but hey the grinch tied a set of antlers up on his dog's head so social media membership is my Sandy dog's antlers! Good doggie!

Sandy's group memberships on spacebook are highly varied... just as Sandy is not a simple dog! She is into everything from flying, parachuting, backpacking, travel, fitness, drones, hunting, archery, parenting, diet to birding.

Sandy the dog has already been BANNED from one backpacking group and is under critical review at this very moment in a bird-feeding group. Sandy is very dangerous it turns out on social media. Sandy is obviously inherently racist too. She is pure evil disguised in a lovable, tail wagging, golden fur, happy go lucky exterior. She indeed is a very dangerous dog! She is currently being roundly attacked and condemned to banishment in the bird feeding group. I am ashamed of Sandy the dog's online dangerous behavior! Ironically she is a brown dog but still very racist.

Much of this is to be expected I suppose. Sandy on day one was quick to put forth her pedigree, in that she has actual "papers" making her a bona fide race of golden retriever. Commanding a price of $1,000 for her ownership as a pup. In other words her value was solely based on her race! Apparently there are definable traits inherent to the different dog races... so Sandy is very friendly, never bites and will retrieve anything I throw. She also has long flowing brown fur and sheds like crazy. All in all a very dangerous package.

Which brings me back to Sandy the dog's predicament she finds herself in this morning. It seems Sandy has let loose a wild and dangerous post of total racism on the bird feeding group page. I awoke this morning to find Sandy's inbox full of condemnation, actual threats, vitriol and cries for the admin to banish her immediately from the group. One commenter pointed out "It's 2020 for God's sake! "

Apparently Sandy the dog asked a question regarding "freshness" of bird seed and whether others in the group have purchased seed which birds did not eat? In other words had the seed gone stale or out of date? The birdseed in question is thistle or African niger seed (not a native American thistle). This caused the group to totally lose their minds!

Unfortunately Sandy the dog did not get the memo that "niger" is now a banned word. I sprung to action this morning pleading Sandy the dog's case. And also hopeful her home address cannot be found on google as she is receiving death threats in waves! I advised Sandy the dog to not read through her messages this morning and to only correspond with the page admins. But it doesn't look good. Sandy the dog is in a pickle.

Sandy's mistake was in assuming a "bird-feeding group" on spacebook was likely a bunch of old codgers puttering around the house all day feeding birds. When in fact like everything else in 2020 the bird feeding community is very, very WOKE! And now very, very ANGRY! Sandy's actions albeit with good intentions are indeed the anathema of the birding community. Sandy would probably eat any bird she could get her paws on! Sandy probably has no extensive knowledge of birds and is doing nothing to benefit the future of birds in this world! What a great condemnation. Well done woke birders!

Social media is not the only realm into which I find myself as the absolute anathema. The world of health, diet and fitness finds me squarely the opposite of the current world view as well. Pick any subject labelled as "healthy" by the world and I will most likely be in the opposite camp. To be pithy here is a list of my personal cognitive dissonance on health and other subjects (just a few, not all)-

  1. Heart healthy whole grains= I am 100% grain free in my diet

  2. Bad saturated fats= I drink animal grease from the bottom of my crock pot.

  3. High cholesterol= My expressed goal is to achieve high cholesterol.

  4. Use Sunblock, avoid sun= I get as much sun as possible...never wearing chemical sunblocks.

  5. Eat breakfast= I fast until noon daily

  6. Stay informed= no cable, no news, limited social other words no propaganda.

  7. Marriage= most idiotic contract in human history, recent legal improvements excluded.

  8. Salt= I spoon Redmond's real salt directly into my mouth and supplement Mg and K, particularly in summer.

  9. Butter= I drink ghee...with some coffee...butter is melted atop all my foods.

  10. Sexuality/Race= I don't give a shit what yours is... and I will keep mine private as well...99.9% of the time it is irrelevant. It is not my defining characteristic nor will I define you by it. I refuse to disclose either on a job application.

  11. Plant Food= plants are for when the prey species population runs out...never the main course.

  12. Politics= propaganda both right and left for the emotional, non critical thinkers.

  13. Nutrition Science= non-science based primarily on correlation/surveys and mostly non-clinical studies funded by big food/pharma

  14. Masks= waste of time when the real discussion should focus on metabolic syndrome

  15. Respiratory Viruses= common throughout human history primarily affecting the very old, seasonally. Likely "associated" with Vit D declines in winter, with age and with skin hue and metabolic disorder. Further clinical studies needed but many already supportive.

  16. Vaccines= old tech, mostly effective on slow mutating, slow evolving, easily isolated organisms... will not wipe out respiratory viruses... not on its own anyway.

  17. Pandemic= not covid 19 (by definition must affect a significant proportion of the population). But it is coming.