Be a Hero!

Five years ago I started creating an annual video montage to document all the great things my kids and I were doing. My idea was to create an online video memory book to document each year. Leaving these videos on my youtube channel for my kids and their kids to enjoy long into the future! To title the videos I did a play on words... 5 years ago GoPro action cameras were all the rage and their slogan was "Be a Hero!".

Since my Hero is my Dad, I simply decided to carry on his legacy and name my videos GoPro Be a Dad! Hard to believe 5 years has flown by since then and now so much has changed! My kids grew up way too fast! So this year I am creating a special 5 Year Anniversary Edition Video! This special edition video will incorporate clips from all 5 years plus new stuff from this year!

Editing this amount of video footage is arduous and requires real computing power.... So this special 5th edition is a few weeks away... but I thought a great thing to do for the pre-release :) would be to look back each week to the first 4 years! So here it is.... Edition 1... The first video which kicked off an annual video montage tradition for my kids and I....ENJOY!

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