Pandering politicians and their agents on the left and right will always seek to divide us. They love to classify large subgroups within our country to pit them against each other... it is all about division to conquer.

This is why any form of hate crime gets 15 FBI agents while the destruction of a unifying national monument (Past Presidents) receives no investigation. There is a huge demand for hate crimes. The demand is so high these agents will even run with false stories as long as possible. The demand for "hate crimes" has greatly outpaced the supply! Hate crimes are rare in the USA.

Black cop shoots a white man... no mention. White cop shoots white man... no mention. Black on black/white on white crime while in huge supply is in very low demand!

They want us to think in terms of tribes.... LGBTQ, Nascar Fans, African American, Latino, People of Color, the Oppressed, Privileged Whites, Gun owners, mask wearers, Evangelicals, etc. Not only is this a great tool for division but it also serves to mentally train the oppressed to be subservient, oppressed and completely reliant on the "privileged"... while also indoctrinating an entire population of people to feel guilty based completely on their skin color... the so called "white guilt". If any assigned member to any of these groups uses critical thinking to speak up or not agree with this... they are immediately and vehemently called "racist" or "uncle Toms".

So let me reaffirm the name of our TRIBE- AMERICAN!

All of us are members! And this is what should be our focus. I am sick of these divisive, power hungry bastards pissing on me and telling me its raining here in the USA! Pitting Americans against Americans. I refuse to participate and will not take party in it. I am an American and that's that!

Despite conducting DNA tests through the two leading providers and learning my actual genetic make up... I do not run around chanting I am an "England-American" "Scottish-American" "Irish-American" "African-American" "Dutch-American" "German-American" OR wear a kente cloth, bagpipes, kilt, wooden clogs, Birkenstocks (can't afford Birks).... despite all of these origins in my genetic background. Why???? Because I am an AMERICAN!

Dividers hate unifying concepts and will quickly label this as "nationalism", yet another label to apply division and hate. They will call these people "isolationists"... yet in turn they do exactly the same thing to an even higher degree as they classify and subject. Peace, brotherly love and unifying concepts are what they fear the most!

Let's start to call each other Americans! and.... wear your mask... don't wear your mask... stay home or go out... smoke pot or don't smoke pot.... own a gun or two or none... and I will even say this "eat vegan or carnivore or even junk food"... Bottomline- let's start being Americans again! Seek to UNIFY!

I am an American-American!

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