Tomorrow I will finally be back with the Airborne Demonstration Team! It will be so nice to be back with my comrades there at our home base in Frederick OK. Due to Covid19 our missions including training in 2020 were shut down. Thus our team will be working really hard the next 5 days to get in sorely needed recurrent training. To get all team members back in currency.

I wonder how many other trades, skills, professions were adversely affected due to the worthless, knee jerk, idiotic, draconian lock downs placed on society? How many pilots have lost their currency and skills? How many orthopedic surgeons didn't do a single procedure for months? How did our military readiness hold out in 2020? How did homeless shelters, churches, and various other community organizations do? How goes our education system? All these affects are worse than the cold virus.

While I cannot control idiot politicians or retarded government bureaucracies... I can control my level of competency, readiness, health, fitness and mental toughness. And in a few days I will be back airborne ready! And I will be cross training as a pilot/1st officer in the C-47 if time allows. And I will be operating as the teams FAA Certified drone pilot to capture some jump footage!

We have went from a so called "pandemic" (fact check that word) to now a raging "casedemic"... Whatever you call it... doesn't matter to me. I have little control on the evolutionary processes in the microbiological realm. What I control is the Steve realm. And in the Steve realm, may I quote LT. Aldo Raine (Brad Pitt- Inglorious Bastards) "Bidness is a booming!"

Forget the world. Look into the inner realm and stretch for a space beyond self and the world of man. A rare space reserved only for those with massive courage, faith and creative thinking.

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