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I need to make a public admission. I am 100% addicted to a drug produced primarily in the highlands of central and south America. This drug is derived from a plant requiring precise growing conditions and dependent upon a cheap, easily exploited labor force to hand harvest the caustic drug precursors. As I write this morning blog I am delving into my daily addiction with glee! Every morning before I get my "fix" I stumble around in a blind fog... its so bad I must set up all of my drug paraphernalia the evening prior as my early morning state of "withdrawals" impairs my capacity to function!

Despite the 40 year WAR ON DRUGS and my 40 years of drug addiction... the DEA nor local Sheriffs office has ever stormed my doors... ripped into the bags of my drug nor destroyed my drug making equipment and paraphernalia! Neither have I been hauled into jail nor faced prosecution for my rampant drug use at any time.

WHY? Because my plant drug of choice just happens to be coffee... not cocaine... though they are literally grown side by side in latin America.

WARNING: Get ready for open minded critical thinking. Today is the day I piss off my conservative friends! Independent, Libertarian leaning thoughts ahead... read at your own myth busting risk!

The War on Drugs is a complete myth and total abuse of freedoms. It is also CRUEL. This war has caused nothing but global death and destruction at a hefty price tag. In the end it fuels crime and drives up the price for drugs. This price for drugs is the fuel for murder and mayhem. It has created huge industries both on the drug production side and the drug enforcement side. It has transformed our friendly local Andy Griffith Sheriffs offices into militarized assault weapon toting gestapos. This war is no closer to being over than when it started.

Let's look again at my personal addiction to coffee. My drug made the same travels from latin America to my table here this morning... grown likely right beside the Coca Tea plant Erythoxylon coca (cocaine). Coca is very easy to harvest, workers simply strip the leaves of the small bush with one sweeping motion of the hands. While harvesting the coffee bean is painstaking work, requiring attention to detail and fingers! My morning "fix" runs me around .10 cent a "hit". I need 2 hits a day, both in the morning... so I am in around .20 cent per day.

Let's contrast my daily cost with the average cost for a typical cocaine user here in the USA. At $60/gram the typical user is paying anywhere from $450 to $1,200 a day!!!! At the low end that is 2,250 times more expensive than the cost of my coffee addiction! Exactly how does the average user pay for this stuff?- in one word CRIME.

Why is this price so vastly different between 2 plants grown on the same hillside in Columbia???

Let's look at some other "illegal substances" from this perspective of cost per day for the average user-

Opiods (pills) $75/day

Crack $225/day

Heroin $220/day

Moreover the war on drugs is a war on our freedoms.... the freedom of me being an adult and making my own decisions. I do not need the government to be my mommy and daddy... I actually make my own decisions successfully many times everyday! Anytime we give the government power over our decisions it is abused in back room deals.

If we truly cared about people, crime and our freedoms all drugs would be decriminalized immediately. Drugs would be regulated properly with suggested uses, guidelines and provisions the same as the much deadlier tobacco plant and alcohol products.

You may be asking why I did not list the cost per day for the average pot smoker above? BECAUSE IT HAS BEEN LARGELY DECRIMINALIZED! Prices immediately plummeted for this plant down to around $7/day for the average user. The Mexican drug cartel marijuana industry instantly evaporated.

Myths are perpetuated on fear and ignorance.... did the legalization of pot suddenly release a wave of drug zombies on your neighborhood??? NO. I contend further drug legalization would drastically drop crime and suffering both here and abroad.

The government loves to push myths for themselves and their cronies here are a few more-

The Cholesterol myth- fuels a billion dollar prescription drug industry

The Heart Healthy Whole-Grains myth- fuels a billion dollar processed food industry

Low Saturated Fat Diet Myth- fuels the production of caustic seed oils for human consumption, which would otherwise be an industry waste product.

I challenge you right now to go find actual clinical proof of any of the aforementioned myths!

Thankfully with the new millennium we are entering a new era... largely driven by advances in tech where information has been democratized. In an instant you can read the latest cholesterol research to make your own decisions on the "dangers of LDL". This information is not hidden in some college ivory tower anymore. Unfortunately many people remain as sheep and simply don't question what is being forced down their throat... they just drink the kool-aid.

Be a critical thinking, freedom loving American! Question everything! Particularly when it is set up to scare you and control you!

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