A Bold Prediction!

(prediction in last paragraph!) Happy November! One of my favorite months, growing up in Florida it was always such a relief to make it to November... the opposite mentality of more northern environs. In Florida we celebrate morning lows in the 60's or even 50's, gulf water temperatures low enough to eat raw oysters, when walking across the yard will not have you drenched in sweat, the ticks/biting flies/mosquitoes/etc are a bit less ferocious and rattlesnakes stay deep in their gopher holes.

But every 4 years we have to screw up this glorious month with the presidential election. Instead of a focus on gratitude and Thanksgiving our country is mired in division, hate, propaganda and tribalism. It has gotten so awful one cannot even share "who" they voted for! I always do mail in voting having casted my ballot months ago... when my daughter asked me who I voted for (president) I gulped, stammered and couldn't answer for a bit.

I tried to explain my presidential politics rationale to her as that of a veteran. Basically telling her I vote for the person least likely to put troops on battlefields overseas with no clear mission. Someone who shuts down wars, despite the economic benefits and brings troops home. After that I told her, I look for "who is less corrupt"... and both are always corrupt to some degree. And with old white dudes which is the least senile!

I could sense Sophia was frustrated with my lengthy answer and simply wanted me to say Biden or Trump! But I couldn't do it! I had to validate it and wanted to keep going with all the rationale behind my rather painful decision! But I finally had to come clean and just say it! I followed my admonition with yet another qualifying statement- "I almost always vote for the loser!"

In 2016 I voted for the Libertarian candidate former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson, he seemed miles ahead of the other two choices to me! In the two major parties I always see some decent candidates in the primaries but they never prove extreme enough and are quickly weeded out.

I seldom vote for the winning candidate in November. Perhaps I am just immediately skeptical of the more "popular" candidate. Maybe I just don't trust the "majority" in our country. For this I am very grateful we have the electoral college, otherwise every election would be decided by CA and the northeast. Even with the electoral college it still comes down to the swing 3 of those and your in... as long as one of them is Florida!

NOW FOR MY BOLD PREDICTION! I have no idea who will win the election.... but I predict the media will run with tribalism, division and rancor for months to come no matter the result. Last time it was with words like "dossier" and "collusion", while I cannot come up with the key words for the next few months... I do know they will pop up! Furthermore I predict Steve Barlow will not participate... I plan to celebrate November like I always do... I will get out with friends and family deer and duck hunting, going for walks, watching football games, bike rides, cook deer chili, oyster stew and crock pot venison, build fires, drink french press coffee, feed birds, study Florida history and genealogy, day hike, fly airplanes and drones, shoot guns/bows&arrows, sling kettlebells, and enhance wildlife habitat...

And just as important as what I will do is what I WON'T DO. I won't waste time on the months of rancor and tribalism to come. I will not waste time on social media reading or participating in the idiotic nonsense to come. I allow Sandy the dog to use social media but only to buy, sell or join hobby groups. I will not lose sleep on make believe tribalism stuff. I just don't fall for the fear and hate anymore... no more than I worry about wearing a surgical mask. My focus and faith remains grounded not in one of the old white dudes running for President but in God, Steve, Family, Friends, Nature and Life. I neither cry nor wildly celebrate the battles won/lost... I focus on the knowledge that the greater WAR has already been won!

By the way! This is blog post 101... So grateful I left social media.... started my own website and my own writing! You should try it! I no longer just write... I am an author!

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