My son came home from college this weekend for his 19th birthday and I made him one of his favorite snacks- deer jerky! I had made up about 5 lbs for our Colorado hiking trip... we ate it all before the car got out of Kansas!

This time of year I am scratching the bottom of the deep freezer so I know fall is right around the corner. Living a keto-carnivore lifestyle has really put a dent in my freezer wild game stash! I still buy some meat at the store but I really prefer the meat I or my family killed and cleaned. Hoping for a bountiful fall harvest this year!

I made a "how-to" video to demonstrate how I make deer jerky... its not the only way or necessarily the "right" way but it works for us. Anyway give it a watch and let me know your jerky making tips too! We will be making our last few rounds of jerky in the next week or so and then we wait for deer season 2020!

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