Unless you have been hiding under a rock (not an altogether bad idea in 2020) you have undoubtedly heard of the newest diet craze- fasting. Particularly "intermittent fasting" as some recent research has shown many of the purported health benefits can be achieved with a more doable shorter fasting window. Fasting of course is nothing new and has been used by humans for a very long time with virtually every religion utilizing this practice... except maybe contemporary Christianity where a thin person is rare on a pew!

Reportedly intermittent fasting can provide some key health benefits such as weight loss, reversal of type 2 diabetes, increased fat burning, lowered blood insulin and sugar, improved mental clarity, increased energy, longer life, stimulation of autophagy (cellular cleaning!), reduction of inflammation and others. If none of these benefits are of interest to you... you can leave the blog now!

I practice a very easy form of intermittent fasting. I do a 16/8 most days of the week though occasionally I will do an entire 24hr window. What this means is 16 hours of not eating with an 8 hour "eating window".

Even without practicing intermittent fasting I am likely receiving many of the benefits... as I eat a keto-carnivore diet. Therefore, I am on a virtual non-stop carbohydrate fast. A carb fast or at least a very low carb diet helps to kick in many of the aforementioned physiological benefits. But for me the ability to do an intermittent fast is not only very easy but comes naturally since when I am in the eating window my whole food sources are very nourishing to carry me the distance! So for me a 16/8 feeding regimen comes very easily. Folks on a carb based diet will have great difficulty even making it through a 16hr fasting window. I don't even notice.

There are a ton of fancy apps you can use to learn how to intermittent fast... but for me I simply hit my stopwatch after my last bite in the evening. My typical eating window is noon to about 8pm. This allows for an evening snack with the kids to watch netflix if I so desire. Furthermore I also make sure no carbs are involved until the last 4 hours of the eating window.... typically in the form of a 90% dark chocolate square (about 3.3 grams of carbs).

In the mornings I will have coffee... coffee not only does not break a fast but it can accentuate many of the benefits! GO COFFEE! Even the use of bulletproof coffee is probably not a bad thing in the fasting window for someone in deep ketosis... as again this has no carbs and injects a quick burst of medium chain triglycerides! I use a pure MCT containing 100% caprylic acid. A pure carbon 8 molecule. This short 8carbon chain length provides for an almost immediate break down in the body (particularly for those in ketosis) for a quick energy burst! Here is my favorite MCT Oil-

Some days I will inject a serious high intensity interval training session near the end of the fasting window! This turbo charges your body into the desired state! I love to do a short 7 min HIIT workout using a 30sec/10sec workout interval of jumping rope and body weight exercises. This is a badass way to close your fasting window and get the max benefits!

Anyway give the 16/8 intermittent fast a try! I would write more but it is time for me to EAT!

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