85 Shot!

America is not perfect but I am sure glad to be here...

Here we definitely have huge challenges but for perspective....

In other countries today-

Homosexuals are thrown off rooftops

Women are required to be completely clothed among other severe restrictions

Governments are even more corrupted

Most of the world's poor have no shot at life

Free speech is banned along with most web sites

abortions are mandatory

clean water is rare

This list can go on and on. Not to say we here in America are anywhere near perfect... but we are not what the media and politicians paint.

Americans are 99.999999999999999% NOT racist. If I were to poll people at the grocery store all of them would be horrified with the treatment given to Mr. Floyd and all of them would hate racism. Where is the real issue?

Last weekend did you hear? Chicago had 18 murders in 24 hours! 85 people were shot and 24 were killed last weekend.

Read that again. And pandering politicians are calling to defund the police! That has to be the most hateful thing I have heard for poor communities. Such a move would totally devastate poor communities already suffering mightily. Let's pull out of south Chicago completely! What total nonsense is that? Insanity!

We need to demand our politicians follow actual science and real data. Not pander to emotions. We need expanded services and protection in poor communities! Politicians, the media and the virtue signaling sounds like a southern tent revival these days and not a real, sober, determined approach to help real problems.

Systemic racism is not a thing here in America. If you say that's because I am white privileged then you are one of the few who are racist. Show me the data! I refuse to take that garbage.

I contend the real challenge is the wealth divide. But politicians will not tackle or even discuss that for real... they are all for the most part corrupted at some level, along with the media. I don't have the answers for bridging the billionaire class to the rest of us... but we need to be working on that! Not some emotional racism story!

We need to alter the paradigm to value people as much as profit. The best places to work are the companies where the employees all retire comfortably with stock options or employee owned situations. These companies who share with their employees seem to make it for the long run too. Why is the media and politicians not elevating these business models and examples???

In the early 90's the Chinese government began to establish Economic Development Zones. These special areas were at first a test lab to try a hybrid economic approach allowing capitalism and more importantly trade with capitalistic countries. This experiment set up the largest boom in GDP the world has ever witnessed. Why is our country not setting up test lab areas where only companies who are employee owned operate? Or other models of profit sharing are encouraged??? WHY ARE WE SITTING AROUND TALKING ABOUT MELANIN LEVELS LIKE ITS 1825? And defunding the police is the best thing these selfish asses can come up with???

As we continue to talk in circles about race China will blitz past us in GDP in a few years. We need to demand the conversation go from tent revival emotional crapp to science.

America we are better than this. We are creative and Free. Demand the politicians approach real problems with creativity and courage. I will not have the media and pandering politicians piss on me and then tell me it's raining! Those bastards need to face the real problems they are too weak assed to deal with!

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